Refund policy

Refund Policy

Student Initiated Drops/Withdrawals

Courses officially dropped prior to the first day of the semester (full term):

  • 100% refund

Courses officially dropped prior to the end of the third week (full term):

  • 50% refund

Courses officially dropped during the first one-fifth (20%) of the session
(summer, winter, extra session or courses not full term in duration):

  • 50% refund

In order to ensure accurate and timely processing of refunds, students should verify that their current address is on file with the college. 

Withdrawal refund appeal

A student who withdraws from courses after the deadline date and requests an appeal review for a possible refund because of extenuating circumstances will need to provide appropriate documentation (from an employer, medical verification, etc.) and the last date of attendance for the specific semester/session within 15 days of the request. Requests for tuition refunds due to extenuating circumstances will only be accepted for one academic year following the semester in question. Submit requests to the Registrar’s Office. Appeals are considered by the Registrar.

College initiated course cancellation

Students will be notified by mail and/or telephone if their course is canceled. One hundred percent of tuition and applicable fees are refunded for canceled courses.